Sunday, August 19, 2012

30 for 30

I'm about to turn thirty and I don't really feel anything about it. I'm not worried about getting old (because getting older is awesome) or feeling particularly celebratory (mainly because any celebration would have to be scheduled between my baby's naps and take place before seven at night).

If you know me, you know I love my birthday. Not in a why-aren't-you-making-a-bigger-deal-of-me way, but as a gentle and affirmative acknowledgment of my own sometimes worthwhile existence. I love my birthday, because I always make it nice for myself. That's my definition of being an adult: knowing how to make yourself happy. A good adult knows how to make themselves happy while not making a total mess of the lives of other people. A great adult can even contribute positively to this world. Everyday of my life I think about the times that I fail to be great. On my birthday, I remind myself that it's possible and that I accomplish it every once in a while.

For me a happy birthday is to be with my friends and family and to play games. Oh and I want lots of dessert!

So in an effort to feel a sense of event about this milestone I am following Alex's advice and I am going to make 30 cakes between now and my birthday (November 23rd). I might stretch the definition of "cake" to "anything sweet" and the definition of "make" to "eat." And it's my birthday, so I can do that if I want to. I will also be looking for people to eat these treats with - a nice way to thank the humans that I love. I might even make a cake for my much-maligned dog, Honey.

I will chronicle it all here. Pictures and recipes, tips and advice. Lots of enthusiasm for summer fruit and  buttercream. Sometimes I won't be able to give you the recipe because it comes from a cookbook, not the internet, and I don't like stealing people's ideas like that. Sometimes I will take a horribly dark and badly composed photo of the sweet treat. But whatever happens I know you're going to want to eat sweets and make yourself happy.


  1. Hmmm...May I say first and foremost that I LOVE you and your awesomeness!!! May I also take a moment to admire your creativity and then may I please thank you for sharing all of that bundle of loveliness with us (me). ♥ Now for the good part...any chance of making one of those thirty in such a manner that it is both healthful and sugar free...while still being delicious, of course. It would be a first taste of cake for me in several years. I am thinking that this may be an insurmountable challenge, but I issue it nonetheless. :) I know you love a good challenge. Great BIG hugs to you, Alex and sweet little Frankie...anticipating that we will soon spend time together. ♥Jo

  2. Yeah!! Sugar-free is definitely on the list because I need to make a birthday cake for Frankie and he hasn't eaten sugar yet. It will be sweetened with dates, I think. Would that work for you? I would love to share a cake with you, Jo!

  3. Kate! Sarah here (Natalie's friend that used to work at Pro Girl) and I just wanted to say that you are awesome. I can't wait to read more of your posts... I was recently diagnosed with Lupus and need to be more aware of what I am taking into my body, so I am very excited to try some of your recipes!

  4. wicked! recent diagnosis aside, hope you're doing well.

  5. A most creative notion, Kate, and presented with your useful insightful, interesting and endearing approach to life. This will be no simple "cake-walk" but you'll make some useful discoveries along the way and provide edible entertainment for your friends and family (self-interest coming out here!). Oh, and just remember not to have your Mother around if you need to clean your oven fan....Finally, I applaud you heartily for putting a positive spin on the old saying..."Let them eat cake"

    1. Thanks Dad!! I'll make a pineapple upside-down cake for you, because it's your favourite.